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Why counselling?

Sometimes we feel stuck in our lives, feeling unable to cope as well as we'd like. We may be struggling with anxiety, low mood, loss, anger, poor self-esteem, stress or with negative experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Even if we have support around us, perhaps we feel unable to talk freely or fully with friends or family, fearing being judged or a burden.

We may struggle with relationships or lack connection with our own sense of direction or self. It can feel like being caught in a circle.

This is when we have a need for a separate, safe space where we may be heard without fear or judgement, to untangle whatever is blocking us.

Counselling is not about being given advice or solutions. Instead, it offers you the space and time to work through difficulties without judgement. This support aims to enable you to find or restore your sense of power.


Counselling is where you will find empathy, respect and trust within a safe, confidential space. Being heard and understood in this space is the beginning of connecting with how to move forward, beyond whatever is blocking you.

It takes courage to seek support and in return I promise you a friendly, gentle response.


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